Man Made Legends to Auction Off '30s Sprint Car for Ignite Charity

Man Made Legends has been invited by Ray Evernham of Americarna to auction off their '30s sprint car. All proceeds will go to North Carolina based Ignite Charity

The night before the Americarna Live car show, Keith and Leslie Sultana, owners of Man Made Legends, were personally invited by Ray Evernham for an exclusive charity event. Keith and Leslie asked if they could bring their '30s sprint car to auction off for the charity. Ray responded with a resounding, "I would love that!"

On Friday, November 28, the '30s sprint car will hit the auction block. Auction results will be posted shortly thereafter. The car is a barn find from the Charlotte area with such parts as:

  • 1937 Ford Flathead

  • 1937 Chrysler front axle

  • ’46-’48 Ford left front spindle

  • ’37-’41 Ford ¾ ton torque tube and transmission

  • ’32 Ford front spring/perches

  • ’38-’41 rear hubs

  • Late ‘30s Houdaille shocks

  • ’39 Ford wheels

All proceeds from the auction will benefit Ignite Charity. IGNITE is a new community center for young adults with high-functioning autism (HFA) or Asperger's Syndrome (AS). IGNITE offers activities, skills training, and educational workshops that will foster social, financial, educational, and employment independence for its members. But most importantly, it offers a social environment where members can connect with others and experience a sense of community. IGNITE focuses on the existing strengths and interests of its members, allowing them to pursue individual interests, while providing support where needed. IGNITE encourages members to discover their passions and reach their full potential.

Keith and Leslie enjoy giving back to their local community, "We love what Ray is doing at Americarna and his work with Ignite. We just wanted to help anyway we could." Check back next week for the auction results.


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